Jean Lafitte NP Information
Wetland Category: Salt Marsh
NWI Classification: E2EM1P
Latitude:   29.7454 Longitude:   -90.1513

Image Data
Date: 06/11/2002
Direction: South West
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
Location: Southern tip of Jean Lafitte National Park and Preserve
Author(s): Jason Dugas
Affiliation: USGS/National Wetlands Research Center

Description: An Estuarine intertidal irregularly flooded emergent marsh on the southern tip of Jean Lafitte National Park and Preserve.
Conditions: This picture was taken at 1:59 pm on June 11, 2002. Nice sunny day with unlimited visibility. Marsh is not flooded by the tide. This area is unique because of salt water influence from the south and fresh water push from the north due to a Mississippi River freshwater diversion project (Davis Pond).
Dominant Plants:   Scientific Name:
Salt Meadow Cordgrass   Spartina patens
Lance-Leaf Arrowhead   Sagittaria lancifolia

Disturbances: The southern tip of Jean Lafitte NHPP is constantly eroding. The marsh (facing SW) has been eroded due to normal erosion and also hurricane activity.
Comments: The picture shows a marsh with fresh and salt influences. The area continues to erode to the north. The area is accessible by commercial air boat guides.