Hammondsport Information
Wetland Category: Open Water
NWI Classification: R3UBH
Latitude:   42.421013 Longitude:   -77.089444

Image Data
Date: 03/12/2004
Direction: South
State: New York
Country: USA
Location: East of Hammondsport on County Road 23
Author(s): Larry Handley
Affiliation: USGS, Mid-Continent Geographic Science Center

Description: Riverine channel permanently flooded joins Waneta Lake to Lamoka Lake. The water is slow moving. Emergent Marsh, Forested Wetlands, and Wetland Scrub-shrub occupy the saturated and seasonally flooded land adjacent to the channel.
Conditions: Water is high in March after snowmelt.

Disturbances: None apparent.
Comments: Even though the water is slow moving and during times of the year may not be moving at all, the feature is considered Riverine rather than Palustrine because it is in a confined channel and the water does flow between the lakes.