Montana Grazed Pothole Information
Wetland Category: Fresh Marsh
NWI Classification: PEM1F(grazed)
Latitude:   48.519774 Longitude:   -113.073714

Image Data
Date: 09/04/2010
Direction: East
State: Montana
Country: USA
Location: Along US Highway 2 west of Browning, Montana
Author(s): Larry Handley
Affiliation: USGS/NWRC

Description: Palustrine emergent wetland with persistent herbaceous vegetation that has been grazed on the north side of the pothole. Water regime is semipermanent flooded because the pothole bed has been very shallow at some time allowing broadleaf cattails to colonize.
Conditions: Isolated wetland is a glacial pothole that has freshwater available most of the year in most years.
Dominant Plants:   Scientific Name:
Broadleaf Cattail   Typha latifolia
Hardstem bulrush   Schoenoplectus acutus

Disturbances: Broadleaf cattails and Hardstem bulrush have been grazed off on the north side of the fenceline.
Comments: Dependent on resolution of imagery and mapping scale, the pothole could be classified as two separate polygons: 1) PUBH (grazed)on the northside of the fenceline; and 2) PEMIF on the southside of the fenceline.