Watford City Wetland Information
Wetland Category: Fresh Marsh
NWI Classification: PEM1Fh
Latitude:   47.802663 Longitude:   -103.322811

Image Data
Date: 09/25/2011
Direction: North
State: North Dakota
Country: USA
Location: Watford City
Author(s): Larry Handley
Affiliation: USGS/NWRC

Description: Palustrine Emergent Fresh Marsh of cattail that is semi-permanently flooded. Impounded by railroad grade.
Conditions: Solid cattail fresh marsh, with some open water on western fringe. Some wetland Scrub-shrub invading on dryer margins on northern leg of depression.
Dominant Plants:   Scientific Name:
Cattail   Typha spp.

Disturbances: Originally impounded by railroad grade, highway also forms barrier with old grade. Gravel road has been cut through marsh with several side roads. Some cattle grazing on west and north edges. Oil pipeline has been recently put in on fringing hills to north.