Rio Grande at Albuquerque Information
Wetland Category: Fresh Marsh
NWI Classification: R3EM2E
Latitude:   35.069718 Longitude:   -106.658978

Image Data
Date: 07/01/2012
Direction: South
State: New Mexico
Country: USA
Location: Rio Grande at Albuquerque
Author(s): Nathan Handley
Affiliation: Individual


Description: Riverine vegetated sandbar dominated by non-persistent emergent marsh species. Sandbars are flooded with seasonal high water in river and saturated most of remaining growing season.
Conditions: Mineral soil saturated. Vegetation healthy with some scattered very young cottonwood stems coming up and several 2 - 3 foot tall willow shrubs.
Dominant Plants:   Scientific Name:
Flatsedge   Cyperus spp.
Common Spikerush   Eleocharis palustris
Sandbar Willow   Salix interior

Disturbances: Sandbar has not been flooded recently.