Mammoth Hot Springs Information
Wetland Category: Open Water
NWI Classification: PRB1Hi
Latitude:   44.969641 Longitude:   -110.704411

Image Data
Date: 09/06/2009
Direction: North West
State: Wyoming
Country: USA
Location: Yellowstone National Park
Author(s): Larry Handley
Affiliation: Government

Description: Palustrine pond with a rock bottom of travertine bedrock that is permanently flooded. Water chemistry is alkaline.
Conditions: Water is continually flowing through the pond from the hot springs. The precipitation of carbonates at the edges of the ponds as the water cools produces small dikes that create the ponds.

Disturbances: Travertine growth and pond expansion/contraction is related to changes in groundwater availability.
Comments: Individual ponds are less than 20 acres in size, thus classified as Palustrine. If the whole travertine area at Mammoth Hot Springs is taken as a single pond it would be classified as Lacustrine Littoral (less than 2 meters water depth).