Boecher Lake Information
Wetland Category: Fresh Marsh
NWI Classification: PEM1Fh
Latitude:   35.937263 Longitude:   -98.425701

Image Data
Date: 04/04/2013
Direction: South
State: Oklahoma
Country: USA
Location: Roman Nose State Park
Author(s): Larry Handley
Affiliation: Government

Description: Palustrine Fresh Marsh of persistent cattail and reeds. Semi-permanently flooded related to local runoff in to lake. Wetland formed on infilled sediments into prong of reservoir.
Conditions: Winter senescence conditions prevail. Recent rains have raised level of water in the lake to saturate and flood lower end of emergent marsh.
Dominant Plants:   Scientific Name:
Cattail   Typha spp.
Bulrush   Schoenoplectus spp.

Disturbances: Previous year drought conditions produced a lower water level in the lake drying the marsh out and allowing increase scrub-shrub growth.