Farmed Pothole Information
Wetland Category: Fresh Marsh
NWI Classification: PEM1f
Latitude:   45.969549 Longitude:   -98.527874

Image Data
Date: 10/22/2014
Direction: West
State: North Dakota
Country: USA
Location: US 281 south of Ellendale
Author(s): Larry Handley
Affiliation: Government

Description: Palustrine herbaceous persistent emergent marsh that is farmed. Center of pothole is saturated with no standing water present on surface.
Conditions: Dry late summer/early fall water conditions. Prairie pothole is a shallow isolated wetland with cattails occupying center of depression.
Dominant Plants:   Scientific Name:
Cattail   Typha spp.

Disturbances: Farming across pothole in dry years, with cattails growing in center of depression in wet years and farming around wet area.