Review Process for Contributions to the Wetland Image Gallery:

Upon submission, the Image and Wetland Site Information Form will be reviewed for quality, completion, and data integrity.  Inappropriate images and information will be rejected.

  1. Images will be reviewed for clarity, appropriately illustrated wetland  type, and absence of watermarks or personal annotations. Please refer to Image Specifications in the Submission Guide for requirements.

  2. The Site Information will be reviewed for completeness and appropriateness of  information. 

  3. Wetland category and NWI code will be reviewed and corrected, if necessary.  A botanist will review the dominant plants identified and the scientific names provided and correct or remove, if necessary.

  4. It may be necessary to contact the author(s) by email for additional information or clarification of information provided.

  5. Images and information provided may be moderated by additional wetland experts as the need arises. 

If you have any questions regarding the review process or the stage of a submission please send an email to